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Root Canal (Endodontics)

There are many reasons why a tooth may require root canal therapy. A deep cavity may enter the nerve chamber in the tooth, causing the tooth to become painful and infected, or the tooth may have been traumatized in a fall or while playing sports, causing the nerve inside the tooth to become infected and discolored. Whatever the cause, root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) removes the infected, dying nerve from the tooth, allowing the patient to keep their tooth in their mouth rather than needing an extraction. After the root canal treatment, the tooth is often restored with a crown to make it strong and whole again. Dr. Sameh Ashour, DDM, with a Diploma in Endodontics (Chester University), is particularly interested in using the latest materials and equipment to achieve more significant results.

He is also aware of the apprehension and anxiety that many patients experience when told they require root canal therapy. He uses his years of experience doing endodontic treatment in Palcare Dental Practice, 493 London Road, TW7 4DA, to make root canal therapy as pain-free as possible. At Palcare Dental Practice, we use local anaesthetics and medications to make your root canal experience as pleasant as possible.

£450.00 to £850

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