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Gum Treatment (Periodontics)

Many patients experience bleeding and inflamed gums, loose teeth, or pain in their gums. Bleeding gums are often the first symptom of the beginning stages of gum disease (Periodontal Disease). Periodontal Disease affects 80% of adults in the United Kingdom at some point in their life and is considered the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Periodontal Disease can be treated in a variety of ways both non-surgically and surgically depending on the severity of the problem. Gum disease is preventable, treatable and when diagnosed in its early stages can often be reversed.

At Palcare Dental Practice all adult patients are routinely and continuously assessed for gum disease. By doing so we can greatly reduce the chance of gum disease developing and preventing it from subtly, silently and sometimes painlessly progressing to infection and tooth loss. If we do detect gum disease, a specific treatment plan is devised that may include special products that are available to treat gum disease and clinical procedures available in the office with proven results. 

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