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Many patients compare prices from one surgery to another even though they do not compare the same level of service and quality of the material used in the treatment. If you ask how much a veneer, a crown, braces, or an implant costs, this will depend on many factors, such as:

· The materials used, as well as the quality of the technician's work.

· The result

· The skill and training of the dentist

· The time spent.

We will not be the cheapest clinic or the most expensive, but we believe that we can offer very good value for the quality of treatment and level of service provided.

Please have a look at our table below for a list of our fees. Just so you know, this price list is for a guide only, and actual treatment costs may vary depending on individual circumstances.

The following fees are a guide.

Only as of 1st February 2024. All patients will be provided.

With a Quote specific to their individual treatment needs.

For further information or to

book a Consultation:

Tel.020 8568 0737 or e-mail: [email protected] for inquiries.

*Prepayment is required to make an appointment.



We are always happy to change.

your appointment (when it becomes inconvenient for you), if you provide us with

48 hours notice. This way, we can book a patient in urgent need of care. Failure to provide 48 hours gives us an

Advance notice or failure to attend a scheduled appointment will result in

a cancellation or no-show fee. A charge will apply if any appointment is not kept or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

We thank you for your cooperation.

And understanding.

Exams/Check-up/ urgent visits:

New patient consultation (check-up) including up to 2 x-rays: £45.

New patient detailed exam and treatment plan for full mouth rehabilitation: £95.

Emergency visit same day assessment and x-ray: £65 (treatment will be added separately).

An emergency visits out of Our working hours. (treatment fees will be added after assessment has been done): £150.

Existing patient consultation (check-up/ x-rays not included): £35.

Paediatric/children examination (x-rays not included): £30.

Small x-ray: £10

Full mouth x-rays: £50.

3D scan (referred): £169.

OPG Xray: £55.


Hygienist appointment (periodontics):

Simple clean: £85.

Full mouth debridement (deep clean: £170 (could need multiple sessions).

Periodontal deep clean and root planning and gingivectomy from £350-550.

Air Flow

(EMS) stain removal: £75-£150.


Restorative Dentistry:

White (tooth coloured) composite fillings Bonding from £110-£300.

Deep margin elevation (if the cavity very deep under the gumline from£100-150.

Temporary filling dressing £55.

Crowns (depending on material) From £650- £1100

Porcelain Veneers From £650-1200.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays/overlays from £650.

Dentures (Acrylic, Valpalst/Flexi, Chrome cobalt) From £680-1700.

Fissure Sealant per tooth: £ 35.

Fluoride varnish: £25

Whitening (Home whitening for the upper and lower arch) From £350-550

Splinting loose teeth: £250-450.


Oral surgery manipulations

Tooth extraction from £160.

Abscess incision from £80-130.

Wisdom tooth extraction:

upper wisdom tooth from £200-350

Lower wisdom tooth from £350-550 (depending on weather surgically need to be removed or not)

Surgical extraction is an extra £150.

Implant Consultation £50 for one tooth £120 for multiple teeth

Implant done by visiting surgeon from £2500-3500.


Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics):

Root canal consultation including x rays£50.

Root Canal Therapy *the filling or the crown is NOT included.

From £450-£850.

incisor £390-450.

Premolar £550-660.

Molar £650-850.

All depending on root canal morphology and the number of roots treated in one tooth.

Root Canal Therapy with dentist with a special interest in endodontics (diploma in endodontics using the high magnification loupes and a microscope)

Additional treatment, e.g., post removal, core build-up, fractured instruments etc.

Retreatment of already treated tooth additional £150-£300.

Perforation repair £160

separated instrument removal: from £200.


Aligning teeth (Orthodontics):

Orthodontics From £1450.

Invisalign From £1500.

Clear Removable Retainer (Essex Retainer): £250.

TMJ therapy with splint from £300-£950

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